Monday, February 17, 2014

"Finished" Quilt: Fern Gully

This gorgeous fern fabric has been sitting around forever and I just don't know why.

Monaco by Dena Designs (Free Spirit)

What's not to like?  I guess for some the seafoam and lime green color combo could be off-putting I suppose.  Or maybe the large scale print is difficult to decide what to do with?  It reminds me of the the movie Fern Gully.  Probably because it's giant ferns, and you know, FERN Gully...but whatever.

The original Avatar.  

And obviously Batty was the best. This still cracks me up.  Yes, I am actually, literally "lol-ing" at this.  Still.

Aaaaanyway....I digress.  Thank god for the Villa Rosa $2 postcard patterns.  I love those little things!  Mom may be addicted to the mini charms, but I love these little patterns.  The quilts range in size, the instructions are clear and concise and they are perfect for scraps and large scale prints alike. 

So I did one.  

I just got it back from Frances (quilter) and I'll be on binding duty soon.

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