Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Halloween Dresden Plates

This is just one of those "work on whenever, it's going to be a UFO for a loooong time" quilts...I'm doing a Halloween themed Dresden Plate quilt.  Again, this was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest.


Believe it or not, I actually wanted to do this in Christmas prints (can you hear it?  Snow is falling in Hell), but I didn't have the variety I do in Halloween prints...soo...I'll stick with Halloween.  I know, surprise, surprise.

This is enough for 5 and a half blocks (20 pieces per plate, not including the center).  This is 90 different Halloween prints...no repeats...from only a drawer and a half (and only maybe 2/3 of the prints of that drawer and a half, some prints were too large for this).  I have a couple stacks and another drawer to go. The rest I'll fill in with Halloween colors.

Don't mind the dog toys there, or the fleeing dog butt...Tina didn't wan to be in the picture, but her butt did. 

Maybe I like Halloween prints a little too much, lol.

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