Monday, September 29, 2014

I like fabric, okay?!

So...happy fall, y'all.  So far, it's kicking me square in the butt.  I've been sick a few times already this month, and we're only about a week into fall, plus I've been spending the evenings and weekends helping my folks move.  Let me tell you, there's no better reminder of how out of shape you are than to help people move.  Jesus H, after this weekend, today I am so full of lactic acid it's just plain stupid.  Is it more incentive to lose weight?  Yeah, it is... But dang it, I'm beat, so at night I've been catching up on some truly terrible TV.

I am taking a break from Trailer Park Boys (if you haven't seen it, it's really funny) and I'm on to literal trash TV.  Hoarders is people accumulate so much stuff and let it get so messy and how crazy in denial they get about keeping dead animals in the freezer to "stuff someday." Each one is weirder than the last; it's so bad, I can't look away. But I did look away.  And I came to a terrible realization...I'm not a hoarder if it's only fabric I collect en mass, and it's in one "contained-ish" room, right?  And, it's not a hoard if it's void of any mummified creatures stuck in it...right?  I just really like fabric, okay?!

Up until yesterday, I may or may not have had several knee high stacks of homeless fabric, and a bin and a garbage bag full of more homeless fabric.  Some of it I have bought over the past year or so, but the vast majority of it was a test (that I failed) of my ability to say "no" to fabric.  Mom is downsizing her stash, so when she offers me a bunch of nice fabric for free, who the hell am I to say no??  I CAN'T.  So needless to say, the ol' stash has had a huge growth spurt in the last few months.  No complaints here! is a bit of an issue and my sewing room turned into a fabric war zone.

But yesterday I regained some old shelves that were mine once upon a time.  They keep getting passed between my brother and I , and since he didn't need them now, they're mine again and not a moment too late.  My sewing room is "clean" again! ...there's still other stuff I need to organize, but the fabric situation is just about squared away!


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  1. It looks so nice! And so organized! I really need to follow your example and get more organized!


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