Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Sneaky Stars AAAAAAAAND Lovely Frankenstein's 31 Days of Halloween is back!

This is going to be a weird little post.  Christmas and Halloween in one post, dogs and cats living together...mass hysteria!

 Well that's what I heard.

So first of all, my WIP Wednesday duties.  Linking up with Freshly pieced, as always...see the side bar for a link to the Freshly Pieced blog. 

Sometimes, I get bored, and when I get bored...ish happens. In this case, a 25th and Pine layer cake got the star treatment so to speak.

I was inspired by this pattern, but I wanted to used it as a block, not as the quilt itself, and I wanted to use as much of the layer cake as possible.  

So I grabbed my crayons and got to work....I could get 5 star blocks from the layer cake, which meant I needed to figure some spacer blocks. I thought it would look pretty neat to have some subtle stars in between. 

Here's what I have so far....all the spacer blocks are done...

 See it?

Sneaky star!

This is the first of 5 focus stars:

 So there's that.  I'll finish it in time for Christmas this year...MAYBE.

Now. Today is October 1.  That means that Lovely Frankenstein's 31 Days of Halloween is back!  If you're not familiar with that, then here's the deal:  Every day in October I post a quick and simple Halloween themed quilting/sewing project, craft, party idea, interior/exterior decoration, food or cocktail.  It's fun for me, because hey, obviously the chick with the monster themed blog LOVES the crap out of Halloween, but I hope it comes in handy for someone else out there!

As a side note, because this comes up every year...I try to give credit where credit is due on all of the projects I post.  Someone designed it, and they deserve credit for their work!  I will post the designer's name, the name of their blog and a link to the page where I found the tutorial/pattern etc.  That being said, while I do test the links before I post, I don't go back to past posts and continue to check the links - I just don't have the time or manpower for that sort of upkeep.  If a link from years past doesn't work, the name of the project, the designer and the blog names are all there and you may be able to locate it another way.

Enjoy, and Happy Haunting :-)

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  1. I love your 31 Days of Halloween! I feel bad I haven't been reading as much as usual, but your blog is super awesome possum! I'm excited to start reading it a bunch again!


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