Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Quilting Goals

Christmas is over and 2015 is on its way.  I though 2014 would never end!  I know people like to sit back and review the year fondly, but I think I'll pass.  2014 was not an easy year, so sitting here any lying about how wonderful it was would be a waste of time, and likewise, so would whining about all of the bumps and bruises.

So let's look forward to a much happier 2015!  I like to make goals instead of resolutions...I feel like I am a little better at working towards goals than trying to fulfill resolutions.  If I don't meet my resolutions, it feels like a pass/fail thing, but goals can always be worked on and tweaked.

So what are my quilting goals for 2015?

1.  Make more from my stash.
2.  Work on those damn curved seams
3.  Get that sewing room organized
4.  Finish my hexie quilt, and the Halloween dresden plate quilt
5.  Design more

What are your quilting goals?

And as a complete aside, since it is New Year's Eve...please drive safe, and please drive sober.  If you don't have a DD, check out your local taxi companies and AAA - some offer free rides on New Year's Eve.

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  1. My goal is to start and finish this baby quilt for my cousin asap. And to actually buy backing fabric for and quilt the multiple finished quilt tops I have flying around in my house.


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