Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Help! Help! I'm Being Repressed!

By now it should be obvious that my interests are...eclectic.  If not, then, interests are eclectic.  One of my interests is medieval English history.  It is fascinating stuff.  And how lucky that someone else in the quilting world found it appealing somewhere too?  

A few years back Lizzie House designed a line that that medieval style serfs, kings, pendants and other middle agey stuff. 

 I wholly regret missing out on it, but as fortune would have it, mom was given a few sample charm packs of the line when it went out of print by one of our old reps.  Now when I say sample charm packs...I mean it.  There were very few pieces to each pack.  This quilt is made up of the two packs. 

I love the colors.  I wish I had more!  The border is from Tula Pink's line Fox Field.  Couldn't ask for a better match!  

If the entry title didn't make it plain enough, I've named this quilt, "Help! Help! I'm Being Repressed!"  It's not quilted yet, but I have a cool idea...I'm going to quilt it with the lines spoken by the serf in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, WHICH WILL NEVER GET OLD.  I leave you with this...the video is below the gif for you heathens who haven't seen the movie ;-) 

"You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you!"

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