Friday, March 20, 2015

Cowgirl Quilt

So as most of you know I came into very sudden ownership of a lot of castoff pieces from Mom's stash...pieces she didn't think she'd ever use, or things she didn't like anymore or things that she had no idea she bought it to begin with.

Some of the pieces she gave me were cowgirl/cowboy themed.  For a while there she was all about the country western fabrics! But she said she'd never get to it, so away it went.

So I thought for Christmas it might be kind of neat to give her something made from her stash using one of her books and in a pattern she probably would have done.  So that's what I did.  Everything except the silver came from pieces of her stash that she'd given me.

This is the pattern I chose...I forgot which book it is from, but it's from an older one.

I thought Delectable Mountains would make a great western themed quilt.  It's a great quilt anyway!

It became quickly obvious that I needed to do a little tweaking of the pattern, because there were unnecessary Y Seams galore...why...why...WHY.  I mean sure, I did trrrrrryyyyy the Y Seams.

Eff this.


So I tweaked it to be put togethr on point not all Y seamy.  It went together MUCH smoother and a lot less glossed over swearing out of me. 

I quilted it all up on my trusty little Janome...

And, she loved it :-) 

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  1. Beautiful! I love the story too. I swear every story tells a story, and has another story of how it was created, or why.


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