Monday, March 23, 2015

Woodpecker Quilt

So...there's a story here.  When my folks lived in their first house here in town, it was a two story house with wood siding.  On the side of the house where their bedroom was, there were a bunch of trees really close by - several feet, tops.  So there were a bunch of woodpeckers that would go into those trees, and a few of them decided to become the bane of Dad's existence and start pecking on the wood siding.  While I still lived at home, I lived downstairs and I remember hearing Dad wheeling out from his office, walking into the bedroom and then he'd run downstairs with this Red Ryder BB gun.  His goal was to scare them off and he's pop off a few BBs and that would be that.  He'd go back upstairs, but not too much longer later they'd be tapping on the siding again.

The woodpeckers were Dad's Bumpus hounds.

So we got this Woodpecker fabric in and of course I had to make a quilt for him.  My folks recently moved to a different house, so the woodpeckers are a thing of the past, but they live on in quilted form.

I quilted it up on my Janome with a large scale, loose wood grain pattern.  I wish it showed up better here, but it looked pretty cool with the wool batting.

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  1. Beautiful work Lauren!
    My mom is the opposite, she has a family of woodpeckers living in her garden and is having a constant vigil to make sure the babies are ok. Haha, we all know my mom's a bit craycray... ^^


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