Wednesday, March 25, 2015


When I got my temp position at the VA, it became quickly evident that an hour lunch was a lot of down time that I needed to fill.  [At the time] I didn't know a soul there, so social lunches were pretty out of the question.  I cannot just sit there like a stupid lump - I am always doing at least SOMETHING, and Netflix alone just wasn't cutting it.

So I hopped on the bandwagon and gave English Paper Piecing (EPP) a go...nevermind the fact that I hate handwork.  I have tons of scraps, some time to kill...I am using the 1" hexagon cardstock templates that come precut, 100 to a pack.  

Let's just say 6 months and almost 600 hexies later, I am an addict.  EPP is actually quite fun and instantly gratifying. I don't have a finished project yet because honestly, I only do this on my lunch that I have a new job on the books, we'll see how the rest pans out.  But I have just been grabbing scraps and putting them together at random.  Some of the pieces match, some don't, I'm ignoring directionality (which is HARD for me to do) and so far, it's just been a lot of fun. 

Here's a little snapshot of some of the pieces....there are MANY more and I do have a 2'-3' piece all put together - this picture was taken a few months ago.  

I've started to assemble the flower shapes

Let the assembly begin!

And picture can be taken without Toki's say so.

Thanks, Toki.  

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  1. ERMERGERD!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how much I love this! I adore all the different colors together! So bright and cheerful! I totally want to steal this!


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