Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Showers

I'm on a roll with samples lately.  This is one of a bunch I've just whipped out. It's a little hanging quilt by Pieced Tree Patterns, called April Showers

I changed up the colors a little (of course) to showcase some of the American Made Brand solids we have in stock.  I also changed how I assembled the bottom umbrella portion, because I didn't want to assemble it separately from the rest of the quilt. Since it was going to require bias binding anyway, I just appliqued the umbrella shape on, then made the quilt sandwich as usual.

A word about the pattern, however.  If you look at my sample, and at the cover quilt, the stems are not centered.  This drove me nuts!  In the pattern instructions, everything is shown centered, so I thought it was a mistake on my part that they weren't lining up with the flowers correctly.  Until I looked closely at the cover of the pattern....they aren't centered there either!  Thank God for those appliqued leaves, because they help to fool they eye a lot.  This was otherwise a great little pattern though.

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  1. That is such a clever little pattern. Cute on it's own, but your execution......Flawless! I love the colors and how cheerful it is! I'm sure that sample is the reason the pattern will sell! I'm tempted to come right on over, but I have to try and be a responsible adult and all that nonsense...


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