Saturday, April 4, 2015

Finally! A Dino Fabric a Girl Can be Proud of!

While I did love the Disney princesses when I was little, I have always loved dinosaurs.  Real ones, not the cutesy little stupid ones.  I remember I used to ask my mom as a kid if T-Rex was real, if he could look in our windows.  He probably could have! 

So I have grown into an adult who loves dinosaurs.  Too bad paleontology doesn't pay, because that is a field I'd love to be in.  I watch as many documentaries as I can, and I read as many articles and studies as possible.  One of the things I have always whined about as a quilter is that all the dinosaur fabric on the market is not only targeted to kids only, pretty much to boys exclusively, but they're always cartoony.  I mean, I get it, some kids are scared of dinos, but many aren't.  But they get cartoony, dummy dinos. Ick.

Until Michael Searle designed this.  


I AM IN LOVE.  Toothy, bitey, realistic dinosaurs! I already have something in the works.  It's going to be badass.


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    1. I got this at our shop: You are welcome to call at 503-463-1880.

      It is a Timeless Treasures piece, so it should be widely available online as well.


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