Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Memory Pillows for a Friend

One of the awesome things about sewing and quilting, versus other mediums of art, is that it helps make memories tangible.  You buy a fabric while on vacation, and it will always hold that memory for you.  If you inherit fabrics from a friend or from family, no matter what that piece ends up in, it will always remind you of that person.

In this case, the fabric was a shirt from my friend Kim's late father.  While her dad has been gone for a few years, it's still been a struggle dealing with his absence for her and her kids, particularly for her daughter.

So with her daughter's birthday rolling around, she asked me back in January if I could make a pillow for her daughter out of a shirt she had saved, an a matching one for her son.  Of course I could!  All she asked is that somewhere I could put a patch that said...

So I did. 

She said I made her daughter cry!  I'm glad to know that they were happy tears.  


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