Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Barbecue Quilt, and Pork Butts.

I'll start this post by saying this is a low brow post with butt jokes, so if you're not down with immature humor...whelp, this post isn't for you even with the quilt at the end.  Just saying....

When Myke and I were kids, and I mean like...10 or 11ish for me, 7 or 8ish for him... one of our favorite shows to watch together was Cow and Chicken on Cartoon Network.  I pity those of you without a cool little brother to laugh at low brow, stupid stuff with. Apparently, we were weird kids, because in retrospect, that was one weird cartoon.

Can we just address the red guy?  The butt walk?  His aliases...Captain Butts Pirate?  Lance Sackless?

But one of the things we thought was funny, was that one of their favorite foods was pork butts.  That is exactly what it sounds like.

Still funny....WHY

So what am I getting at...Other than having fun looking up old Cow and Chicken pictures...

Awhile back we got a fabric from Blend Fabrics that was barbecue themed.

The first thing I thought of, was Cow and Chicken's pork butts.  I asked  Myke what he thought of when he saw the fabric and he said THE SAME THING.  We joked about what if I made a quilt that had a pork butt on it, and of course Mom was like, "No that that's weird, you guys are weird. You can't make a pork butt quilt."  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Immature victory is ours. This quilt is a tabletopper from the pattern Picnic at the Farmers Market by Whistlepig Creek Productions.  It has the pattern for the tabletopper and the placemats, and I think there's a tablerunner in there too that isn't shown on the cover.

I showed Myke the quilt, and he laughed. You'll see why...

...and yes...the placement of the pig butt and the word butt was intentional.  And, yes, Mom shook her head. And yes, I am immature sometimes.  Pork Butt. Heh.


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