Friday, June 10, 2011

Before Isa beats me up, here are the pictures of the finished quilts!

She wouldn't...I don't think...Hope not! lol. Seriously though, Isa helps keep me in line! I forget about projects and whatnot, and she reminds me to post what I need to post :-) This time I think I might be beating her to the punch.

Well, I didn't get pictures before they got put up on the wall, but hey, better late than never, right?

This is the Cocoa Cake Walk quilt from a few posts ago.
This is the Freshwater Quilt out of the Australian Quilter's Companion from a few more posts back.

I'm really happy with how both turned out. Anyway, this is a short one. I have more pictures from the quilt show back in April to post yet...but for now I'm just focusing on Graduation tomorrow. It's finally sunk in. I'm a freakin' college graduate. I have the hat and the tassel and the ugly robe and everything. Woo!


  1. stop beating me! ^^
    but then again, maybe it was me coming into the shop and asking you whether that was that quilt of yours or not!?! pom pom pom poooooom
    But anyway: they are lovely as usual! I hope you get a good camera soon (I recommend for canon and very strongly against nikon) so that everyone else gets to see how awesome the quilting looks on your freshwater quilt! It really was completely worth it to special order that thread!
    And: make me a summer quilt which can withstand my lawn so we can go lie out there on it and read good books! You will have to have at least one day to do nothing! In addition to the one where you will pamper yourself with my fabulous pamper kit! (Tooting my own horn am I? Why yes, if I could find it I'd do it more often, but I think it got lost somewhere on my body. where's my horn? maybe under my weird little toe? okeeeee, now who's going ramble crazy. yes, indeed, you are entirely correct, it is once again me.)
    Anyway, relax! Enjoy your graduation! Red suits you very well! and revel in the thought that you have a college degree! make a pretty frame or something, not the old boring official looking kind. and if/when i get my car fixed i will have to kidnap you and whisk you off to the beach <3 so proud of you!!!!

  2. aren't you glad i finally stopped typing?

  3. Isa you're my favorite! <3 <3 <3

    We should do that summer quilt together!


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