Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy 2 Years to The Cotton Patch

It's amazing how time flies. It feels like just yesterday we took over the shop and then I blinked my eyes and here we are, 2 years later and going stronger than ever before. I know for Mom it's gone even faster.

I remember growing up Mom read me a page out of her teenage diary. No juicy gossip of course, but what she read me still resounds in my head and heart knowing what the past was and what the present is. In her entry she was laying out her life goals and in that goal plan was "own a fabric store." Now, this was well before she started quilting, but she's had a lifelong love for sewing and fabric. Knowing that, and all the time I spent watching her sew when I was growing up, and all the effort she's put forth in her own quilting...all of it just makes me extremely, extremely proud of her.

I remember a few years ago I was driving over on Edgewater in West Salem, back when you could still talk on your cell phone and drive at the same time without getting fined, and she called me, practically shouting into the phone. Mom has an inexplicable and science defying way of just falling into jobs. She won't be looking for one, but the perfect one always manages to fall right into her lap. At first I thought something was wrong, but after a few seconds I realized that, holy cowabunga, she got a job at a quilt store - a place she's always wanted to work. What's more, is that she was friends with the owner too, and Judith just asked her out of the blue to work for her. How much more perfect could it have been?

Five years later, Mom owns the quilt shop. This really is her dream come to life. Sometimes we have these lifelong dreams that never come to pass, no matter how hard we strive to achieve them, or whether we do nothing at all, they just don't happen. It's not what is meant to be. I can't begin to say how happy I am and how proud I am of her that her dream has come to fruition and she gets to have that joy.

I also can't begin to say how blessed I feel to be able to be a part of the store and to have such amazing and positive people and things in my life. It's amazing how time flies, and how just 2 years can entirely change a person's life. I had tried to quilt before then, but it just never worked out. I got frustrated and I wasn't any good at all. But after 2 years, it has reawakened my passion for art and creation, a passion that years of criticism and negativity from people who no longer matter at schools I'm long gone from had tried and successfully extinguised. The last 2 years have changed my life entirely from not knowing what I want in my life and surrounding myself with largely neutral influences, to giving my life a strong focus, a rekindled fire and the happiness of having positive and joyous people in my life.

Last night we had a party to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of our family having The Cotton Patch. Mom thanked us all for all of our help, because without us, she couldn't have done it. Well, I want to thank YOU, Mom, for letting me have a part in your dream and for guiding me to a better place in my life. And thank you Dad, Debi, Carol, Barb, Myke, Linda, Bobbie, Karen and Renee for making it such a fun place to be.

Now, on to the pictures from last night! I know if I don't post them, certain people (MomandDebi) will have my head for keeping them all to myself!

Taco and margarita schmorgasboard!

L-R: Aunt Barb, Debi, Mom

What a view! and what GOREGOUS weather. Finally summer in Oregon!

I love being on their deck. It's so beautiful out there.

L-R: Debi, Carol, my roomate Lauren

Bahaha...caught Lauren mid-eat. Don't worry, she got me good later, just wait and see.

L-R: Aunt Barb, Mom

Man, you have to be SNEAKY to catch a picture of Dad, and dang it all he moved. Trying to get a picture of him is like trying to get a picture of the elusive Sasquatch.

Quilts and Margaritas: The Perfect Combination. And the umbrella is ADORABLE.

L-R: Mom and Carol. Anniversary gifts!

An organizer and stationary set! That will come in handy. Thank you Carol!

I think that's a card from Debi.

"Don't break the ties! If you break the ties that means you're going to have a baby." Note the look on Mom's face. Worry not, that only lasted for a second because naturally she quipped to me something sabout maybe I should break the ties so she can have some grandchildren all ready. *facepalm* Nice try, Mom.

See now if that had been break the ties for grandchildren she'd have chainsawed that off at this point. Thank God that's not true! And isn't it clever how Debi wrapped that? Fabric is the greatest. <3

Mackie is my homeboy. I love all the dogs, but I have a real soft spot for this little crosseyed Scottie!

A beautiful windchime from Debi! That's going to go perfectly in Mom's garden, I have a feeling!


L-R: Mom and Debi

Gah! I told you she got me. that would be me (L) with my face stuffed full of cupcake, mid humongous chew.

L-R: Debi and Aunt Barb

L-R: Mom and Carol.

L-R: Debi, Aunt Barb

L-R: Aunt Barb's head, me, Mom and Carol

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  1. yay you! I'm so happy for you! You look like you had so much fun! (Btw, party without me? Just kidding!!! I partied with my couch last night ;))
    I'm so happy for all of you! Congratulations!!!
    Second btw, Debbie wrapped her gift in the same fabric, that's the center piece of my first quilt :)


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