Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lovely Frankenstein's 24 Days of Christmas: Pear Sachet

Fabric Pears
Photo Courtesy of Dacia Ray

This is a variation of the lavender scented sachet that is relatively commonplace. Considering you don't HAVE to fill it with lavender (choose whichever herb or potpourri that suits you or the person you're making it for), these little guys make sweet gifts, especially for the people we all have to buy gifts for but don't know well enough to know exactly what to do for them. As I've been looking across the internet for gift ideas, generally I've just seen square or heart shapes, and generally they're flat. This one is neat because the pear shape is very different than a lot of the others, and it's more three dimensional. CLICK HERE for the tutorial, and thank you to Dacia for sharing!

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