Friday, December 16, 2011

Product Review: Cutting Edge Rulers

The Cutting Edge Ruler by Sullivan's

This time around I'm reviewing Sullivan's Cutting Edge Ruler. The concept behind this ruler is that on one edge, there is a metal, blade sharpening strip; as you cut your blade is sharpened, hence extending the time between blade changes.

We're testing these out at the shop and I have one at home. I have been a Creative Grids girl since I started quilting. I LOVE those rulers but these give those a run for the money. Here are the pros and cons:

- This ruler stays PUT because of the frosted back. I mean, it does not move at all.
- Comes in all the different common ruler sizes
- Reasonably priced
- Actually sharpens your blade if used properly

- The sharpening noise is atrocious. I HATE metal-on-metal sounds (it's my version of nails on a   chalkboard) so I rarely use the sharpening edge for that reason alone.
- There are no measurements on the lines on the inside, so finding the measurement you need takes a little more focus to make sure you're cutting accurately.
- The frosted back, while preventing slipping, is difficult to see through, which makes ensuring your fabric is straight and lined up difficult if the color is off.

Despite the cons, I use this ruler all the time at home and love it. I don't know if we'll be carrying this at the shop any time soon, but I recommend giving it a shot!

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