Thursday, November 21, 2013

Little Martha is Back!

Back in January, my little Bernina 180 (which was previously named "Little Martha" before it got replaced in favor of a bigger, beefier Bernina by the name of "Big Bertha" and passed down to me)had a terrible mishap while I was making what later became known as "The Ugliest Quilt in the World."  In the mean time, I bought another machine, which also suffered a terrible mishap while making napkins for Isabelle's wedding - I'm glad the napkins were well liked because a good machine gave its life to their cause, lol.

But just yesterday Little Martha took a trip with Jack Levin, sewing machine repair guy extraordinaire, to see if she was just a little broken, or completely totalled.  When I called to him and explained the problems Little Martha was having, he said that he'd have a look but it might be time to put the ol' girl out to pasture...and when he came and saw the main issue with the timing, all he could say was "Oh, ouch, ouch, ouch!" It's never good when those words come out of the mouth of a pro.  I let her go with low expectations, because seriously...the timing was royally, royally OFF. I expected to hear back from him today saying that Little Martha officially bit the dust.

This morning I got a message saying that my machine was...FIXED and happy as a clam.  But, after many years experience fixing all manner and quality of machines, never in his whole career (emphasis on "never," I am told) had he seen the timing in a Bernina knocked off a complete 180 degrees. Apparently, that just doesn't happen.  Welllllllll I guess there's a first for everything; as they always say, go big or go home!

But anyway, my borrowed machine can finally go back to its rightful owner, and I can stitch happily with my own machine...and in the mean time, look for a nice back up machine before something else catastrophic happens.  Someone knock on wood!

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