Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lovelyfrankenstein's 24 Days of Christmas: Shopping Cart Caddy

Photo Courtesy of Blue Cricket Design

This. Is. Brilliant. Major high fives to Becca for thinking this one up! My roomate and I fancy ourselves moderately apt couponers (as opposed to, you know, the EXTREME variety). But I have to admit, even couponing n00bs such as ourselves, it's hard to keep our coups in order when we're in the store getting sweet deals. So This is a brilliant, brilliant idea. We all know couponers, so this is fantastic as a gift for them. but this is oh-so-clever for other purposes too - keep your shopping lists in there, recipes you're shopping for, coupons you pick up from the fixtures in the aisles, a calculator if you're on a strict budget (hey, it happens...I have found myself whipping out the ol' cell phone calculator more than once); or if you are/know someone who is a mom of a child that still ride in the shopping cart, it's great to keep little toys or books for the little one to enjoy (and to keep them patient and well bahaved) while you're doing your shopping! I'm thinking I'll be making a few of these. How cute would it be to make/buy a neat reusable grocery bag, and pop one of these in there? Gift idea problem SOLVED! CLICK HERE to get the pattern and a big thank you to Becca for sharing this!

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